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"Nicolette sees the potential in every child and seeks to deepen her knowledge and sharpen her skills as a teacher of children."

Charles Krigbaum, Suzuki Teacher Trainer

North Texas School of Talent Education

"As a former student, I have watched amazing growth as Nicolette has studied and performed over the last number of years... she performs music of many more genres and has gained much experience teaching the Suzuki method. I have sought her help and wisdom for some of my students and have been very pleased with her guidance and understanding of violin technique."

Amy Tyson, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

"Ms. Andres displayed such patience that it relaxed her student and allowed her to enjoy her lessons without concern for making mistakes. I expected after 6 months or so that my granddaughter would tire of the process but she did not and is more interested in the lessons now than when she started. I strongly recommend Ms. Andres to anyone considering violin lessons for beginning students of any age." 

Richard Venne, Grandfather of student


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