• Everyone can learn in a nurturing environment

  • Learning happens in small steps tailored towards each individual student

  • We learn as if playing the violin is a language - speaking before reading, practicing each day

  • For young students the parent, teacher and child work together as a team

  • Children learn among friends in group classes

  • Listening and review are our grounds for success - surround yourself with the music you want to be able to play


The benefits of studying music are extensive, no matter your age. A few gains include developing focus, sharpening problem-solving skills, expressing yourself and your voice, finding enjoyment for music of many genres, building sensitivity towards beauty, and finding a sense of community in the music world. 

Philosophy and Approach

*Lessons are currently being held online via Zoom, and in person with masks. Observations are still welcome in this format. Contact me with any questions about online lessons.